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Hi, Paul again.


      Here is where you may start your exiting journey into successful and responsive copywriting and marketing with the Turn Words into Gold formula.


  If you have already read all about these resources on another page, please scroll down to the button that says ‘Click here to Subscribe’ at the bottom of this page. Or read on.




     The resources consist of three e-books, my Advertisement and Marketing Newsletter, my Internet Marketing Newsletter, and my help and support.


    You start by subscribing to the newsletter, and the e-books are free with your first month’s subscription, and will be available to download straight away. Then the Advertisement Newsletters will come each business day, the Internet Marketing newsletter will come once each month, and my support is available when you need it.


   First, the e-books.


   They will give you the basics – show you how it works. 


   They are ‘no frills’ – no fancy graphics and no pretty pictures; just solid information that will help you make more money from all your marketing. They will inform you and help you – they will not entertain you.


   They are full of content that you can use to reform your ads and marketing immediately.


   The first is the “Introduction to Turn Your Words into Gold: it will introduce you to the basics of the formula. It has lots of tips and information about responsive marketing, as well as hundreds of power words and emotional words and phrases you can use in your copy, or give you some ideas to come up with some of your own.


       Then,  “How to Write an Advertisement that Sells like Crazy”  – this will help you to write advertisements that will, yes will sell!  It will show you the correct structure or elements of your ads, and help you with what you say, so they will make you money, and get you the results you want and need for your business or anything else you are promoting, even if you have never written a successful ad before, or even if you have never written any ad before.


   And then,  “101 Tips for Successful Copy: How to Write Copy for Maximum Results Without Spending a Fortune on a Copywriter” – this is something that no-one else will give you: a do-it-yourself copy analysis guide!


   It is a checklist that you can use to help you write persuasive copy that will maximize your results and action, without having to spend loads of your cash for somebody to do it for you.


   It is a list of 101 suggestions, mostly in the form of questions that you can ask yourself when you are writing new copy, or reviewing copy you already have, to help you produce top level copy that will give you top level response.


   Now of course not every one of the 101 tips will apply to every ad or      piece of copy you write – you may only use a few or only even one –  but when you use the ones that DO apply, you will have powerful marketing and selling communications. 


   The value of all these is immense –  use the information to transform your copy and boost your sales. Their value in the future may well be incalculable.


   These e-books are free to download when you subscribe .


   Now, about the Advertisement and Marketing newsletters.  You need them to fully understand the Turn Words into Gold formula. They follow up and expand in greater detail the information in the e-books, and you will also receive more exiting and interesting marketing, advertising and copywriting tips, and also information that you can use to make an immediate difference to your marketing.


   All the information in your newsletters is distilled wisdom that will help you write successful communications, and help you stop making mistakes that are destroying your response, and killing your sales. 


   One will be in your inbox around 10 o’clock each business day, and you can, cancel or unsubscribe at any time.


   They are not very long, they take about 5 minutes to read, and the information you can use immediately.  They will start usually the day after you subscribe.


   Second, the Internet Marketing Newsletters: these will keep you updated with the current and future trends and changes of the online marketing world, and keep you current with what’s hot and what’s not, and with all the best hacks, tips and updates as they happen. They are published monthly, and you will receive yours around about the middle of each month. The subscription is usually $97 per month, but is included FREE with your other subscription.



   And all this is backed up by my help and support.   For full details, please go to the ‘Help and Support’  page on this website, but just briefly,  it starts with my opinion and feedback on any or all of your advertisements or other pieces of marketing. And then, if you wish, I will work with you to make them successful.


     If you would like my help, please get in quick, because I can only work with a limited number of marketers at a time.  So grab it quick!  I will send you some more information a few days after you receive your e-books.


    The subscription is $97 per month, and when you subscribe, I will send you the links to all the e-books, you will start getting your newsletters within one or two days or by the middle of the month, and my help and support is available immediately.





   Did I mention my guarantee. That’s right!  You can subscribe at zero risk to yourself, because your subscription is backed up 100% by my guarantee. If you do not get more than your money back, I do not want your money – simple as that!


   It works like this: when you subscribe, you will get the e-books, and you will start getting your newsletters and my feedback if you want it.


   Read them all, and use the information to create new, or edit your existing ads and marketing, and  if, after applying the Turn Words into Gold formula for 30 days you have found that it is of no value to your marketing communications,  just let me know and I will send you a refund.


   I will treat you with respect, and all I ask is that you treat me the same, give it a fair go, and sincerely try it.


   You will get to keep all the issues of the newsletter that you have received, all the valuable e-books, and my feedback if you have asked for it.


   Subscribe now by clicking the button below. You have NOTHING to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain. You may be only one good ad away from success!


   Don’t keep on writing your ads and marketing the same old way and expect different results. If you aren’t happy with your results now, well, they won’t improve by themselves! They won’t improve with age! They won’t improve by doing nothing! Try something new, try something different and see what happens,


   Change to the new Turn Words into Gold way today and notice the difference!


   Still not convinced that the Turn Words into Gold formula will be of any value to you and your business?


   If $97 per month is too much, well, some folks spend more than that each month on coffee! With zero return on investment!


   What is it costing you now, financially, and emotionally to keep struggling with low results? Don’t just look at the cost of your subscription; add up the cost of doing nothing. It may be more than you think. The price may turn out to be a pittance compared with the value you will receive; your ROI will be immense!


   And don’t forget you have 30 days to decide whether it costs you anything at all.


   Consider this:

        –  knowledge is your single most powerful asset;

        –   lack of knowledge, or ignorance, is the most costly mistake you can make.


  Investing in learning how to write advertising that gets the results that you want and need for your prosperity is the smartest and most lucrative investment you will ever make.


   Subscribe now by clicking this button. 

    I will see you on the next page.




   P.S.  Take action right now! You may do some good even from taking  what may turn out to be the wrong action, but I promise you, nothing good will come from taking no action! 


  Still haven’t subscribed? I can only conclude that you are not convinced, or that all your advertisements and other marketing working gangbusters, and you are already successful!


  That’s great, but I can’t help you. It has been nice to meet you and talk with you, but please don’t go without downloading the report I mentioned on the ‘About’ page on this website if you do not have it already. 


   It is:

          “How to Explode your Advertisements into Powerful Money-Makers, NOW!”


   This is a checklist that anybody can use to help them get a great response from their ads.


    Maybe there are some folks you know who have a burning desire for a better response from their marketing  –  please do them a favor and send it along with a brief note from yourself recommending it to them.  It will be just what they need, and they will really appreciate it.  


   It is not copyright, so it is perfectly legal, and someone may be glad of the opportunity to reverse their fortunes.


   It is free, no opt-in needed, and there is no risk or obligation.


 To download, please CLICK HERE.