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 Hi, this is Paul again, and now I will tell you about my


Advertising and Marketing Newsletter


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   It provide you with valuable information which will increase the cash in your bank account by getting maximum action and response from your advertising  and other marketing communications – both new and existing.


   It comes to you as an email each day. Each issue is full of lots of exiting advertising, marketing, and copywriting information and tips, all of which will teach you to write successful copy. 


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    Or else please read on.



The value of successful advertising and marketing copy.


    Just before I tell you all about the newsletters, and how they will help you to become a successful marketer, let’s talk a minute about the value of successful advertising and successful marketing copy, and how you can create it and how you can use it to grow your sales and business. Then I will tell you more about the newsletters, and how to subscribe.


   I assume you are here because you are not really happy with the results you are getting now. Something, SOMETHING, is wrong – you aren’t getting the results you want, and you don’t know what the problem is?


   Am I right?


   Well, in a few minutes, I will let you in on the secret to writing selling and marketing communications that get action and results beyond, maybe far beyond those you are getting now.


   But first, let’s talk about your situation.


   You might tell me that your product or service is the best there is in your market, and that your customer service is first rate, and I wouldn’t doubt it.


   But the problem is that while you are a specialist at what you do, you are not a specialist at marketing or writing about what you do, and that is likely the reason you just don’t have enough customers, or leads, or sales, or conversions.



Here is your solution.


   Well, if that is your problem, here is your solution:


              Get more customers and more sales by creating

              clear, focused and persuasive marketing

              and selling communications that ride the rails

              straight to your prospect’s mind and heart, and gets him

              to take the action you want him to.


   You see, when your messages are not perfectly clear, they create uncertainty, and uncertainty creates a fear of the unknown, and it is that fear that subconsciously stops your prospects acting on your message.


   So, if you struggle with low response, don’t worry,


                                                       there is hope!


   I will tell you more in just a moment.


   But firstly, who is this for?


         Well, if you have a successful business, if you have enough customers, if you are making enough cash, if              you have achieved all your goals in business, if you have all the quality family and leisure time and                      freedom you want, and you have control over your life, this is not for you.

          Or if you are not willing or able to invest just a few dollars,  and even just some of your time in your                     future prosperity – then this is not for you either.

           Or if you cut corners with your marketing, or like doing it ‘on the cheap’, well then this isn’t really for                  you either. 


   No, very sorry, but I cannot help you.


   But if you do not have all these things, and you are willing to invest in your future prosperity, and you are eager to learn and to take action on what I tell you, then I can help you.


   So just what are these communications are we talking about?


   Well, any contact you make with your customers or prospects including your web site, sales letters, advertisements, brochures, flyers, signs, landing pages, emails, social media, your business card, and anything else you use, and in which you ask them to respond.


   By ‘respond’, I mean when you ask them to take some specific action, for example, reply to your offer, or give you an order, or ask for a quote or for more information, or go to your website or to another page on your website, or whatever else it is you want them to do.



Responsive marketing.


   This is known as ‘direct response marketing’, or just ‘responsive marketing’.


   Gone are the days when you could just start a business and the customers would come. NO! That doesn’t work any more – you have to reach out to and  attract your interested prospect, and persuade him to do business with you.


   And the way you do that is with responsive marketing, and  it is essential, indeed critical, for your success.


   Now if you are not an expert, or you are not really good at it, it is not your fault, because nobody teaches it – no business course, no university, no business school, not even traditional marketing training.


   But your opportunity right now is that that can change, and change quickly.


   I won’t promise that you will become an expert, even though you might! 


   But really, you don’t actually have to.


   All you need to do is become proficient, which means you will be better than your competition, because you will know more about responsive marketing than they do!


   And that is what you are about to find out and how to


                                                  learn it the easy way.


   Now, just think for a few seconds about where you are right at this moment.


   Now we agreed that your product or service is excellent, that it is the best there is, and I am sure you love what you do, and that you are passionate about it.


   But do you find that communicating effectively with a customer or prospect and getting him to respond, is not easy.


   Do you find it all a bit hard or difficult or scary or hopeless, or you suck at it, or you just can’t seem to say the right thing to motivate your reader?


   Does it feel like you are marketing with one hand tied behind your back, and that no matter what you try, or how hard you try, it just isn’t working and you don’t know why?


   Are you:

          having a daily struggle to get more customers;

            having trouble with your cash flow;

              finding your completion harder to beat;

                working harder and longer with less results;

                  facing an uncertain future because of low sales;

                    battling to make more money, or even, enough money;

                      finding your goals far far away;

                        not having enough time with your family?

                          finding that business isn’t fun anymore;

                            losing control over your life and your destiny?

                              finding yourself on a slippery slope to failure because you can’t get enough customers and                                             enough income and you don’t know why not?


    And so, do you find that all these things make you feel you have lost control, and that you feel


                                              frustrated and impotent?


    And powerless to do anything about it?


  Yes? Well I know how you feel because I have felt exactly the same. But DON’T DESPAIR – there is hope and what I am about to tell you will be crucial to your success.


   So what is the secret?


   The secret is learning


                                  how to use words successfully.


   Words have POWER!


   Words are are king when it comes to selling! 


    It is the proper use of the minimum number of words that will get your message into the mind and heart of your prospect.


  And getting the response you need might be nothing more than using the right words the right way at the right time.


   As well as being uncomplicated, straight to the point, and relevent, AND, with careful attention to the details.


   And that is exactly what these reports and the newsletter are going to show you how to do.


   People respond to people!


  Yes! They respond to YOU, and that means they respond to what you TELL them that will HELP them solve their problems.


   They don’t respond to your website, however wonderful it may be, or to your artistic advertisement, or your colorful brochure or exciting video, just because you have them. Not that you do not need these things, and need them done properly.


   No, they respond to the words you use, because it is your words and the ideas they convey that will get people to do what you want them to do, and if you do not clearly convey your ideas, or they do not understand that you can help them, and how you can help them, then all these other things will count for nothing.  



Words can be magical!


   When you use words successfully, they can be magical, and  make you rich; use them badly, they can keep you poor.


   Your words are what we call, ‘copy’, and it is your copy that will have the magical effect of transferring cash from your customers pocket into yours!


   Not that the rest of your marketing won’t help – but your words are the most important.


   Get them right, and the response will dazzle you; get them wrong, and it will kill your sales. It will be a handbrake on your success, your sales, your profits, your freedom.


   So, after all we have said so far, tell me this: if I could show you how to stay on the rails and ride straight into your prospect’s brain, engage his emotions, and compel him to respond, would you be interested?


   And if that means your response goes up by 10% 20%, 50% or more, would you be interested?


   And if you could do that yourself, without having to pay anybody, would you be interested?


   If your answers are yes, yes, YES, I will show you what NOBODY else will show you: how to quickly and easily create marketing communications which will give you the action and response you need.


   Now you might be asking yourself why should you take any notice of me?


   Well, you don’t have to. But I know exactly how you feel because I have had my own small business, and after struggling for years getting enough customers, I decided my problem was my marketing and my copy.


   So I read every book written by the masters of marketing and copywriting that I could get hold of, studied them and made some successful changes, and used them till I was unable to keep doing the physical work I was doing.


   Now my passion is to help others because I can see that there are many folks in the situation I was in, and all they need is a little of the right education to create successful marketing.


   I see plenty of advertisements that must be a serious waste of money, and I know it would be dead easy to get a better response with a few simple changes.



          Let me show you HOW  –   it won’t be difficult.


   You see, it is NOT DIFFICULT to improve the response from an advertisement or sales letter, once you know how.


   I have condensed all the vital information in those books into two e-books, as well as my exclusive and premium  Advertising and Marketing Newsletter.


     Now before I tell you about the newsletter, there is one important thing I need  to mention, and that is while I am certain that everything I will tell you is true and is possible, whether or not it will work for you depends on your individual situation, and how you apply it.


   I am not promising you will get rich quick, nor am I suggesting that by reading the reports and the newsletters you will somehow be able to wave some sort of magic wand over your marketing and all of a sudden you will be overwhelmed by responses.


   You will only benefit when you read, understand and actively apply what you will learn.


   Having said that, nothing is impossible, and nice things CAN happen quickly!!


The newsletter

      Now, about the newsletter.


    It is called “Paul’s Advertising and Marketing Newsletter”.  One comes to you by email each day.


 The e-books are: “How to Write an Advertisement that Sells like Crazy”  

    and,                    “101 Tips for Successful Copy” 

    and come free when you subscribe.


   Each issue of the newsletter will follow up and expand in greater detail the tips in the “101 Tips” report – you will receive more information about one tip each day for the first 101 days – and also more about all the information in the “Advertisement” report.


   As well as all that, you will receive more exiting and interesting marketing, advertising and copywriting tips and information that you can use to make an immediate difference to your marketing.


    PLEASE NOTE: if you have already purchased on or both of these e-books from an earlier page, I will refund your payment when you subscribe.


   To subscribe, please CLICK HERE. (You may unsubscribe at any time.)


Learn something new each day.


   Each day you will learn something that will help you, and you will be able to use to build and grow your business.


   They are only brief – usually two pages each. No great volume of stuff to wade through! May I suggest you print them and file them for future reference.


   They will be in your inbox around 10 o’clock.


     After the first 101 issues, they will continue in the same style. I will sure be hoping that you will find the information so valuable, that you will extend your subscription, which you can keep going as long as you want. You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time.


    Your daily newsletter is $37 per calendar month, and so for lots less than the price of a coffee a day, you will have all the information you need to create highly successful and responsive marketing.


          Unconditional guarantee – subscribe and enjoy it at no risk 

for the first 30 days.


   Yes, that’s right. Start your subscription, and by the end of a month you will have received 30 or more issues of the newsletter. Read them and use the information in your business. Then, if you are delighted with the information and it is helpful, great, your subscription will continue and you will be billed each month. 


   But, if by 30 days you decide that all the information is of no value to you, and does not work for you, contact me, I will cancel your subscription, and send you a prompt and cheerful refund, and, you get to keep all the newsletters anyway, plus your e-books and bonuses, plus the bonus mentioned below.


   That way, the risk is on me, and you risk nothing.


   When you subscribe to the newsletter, I will give you three free e-books:

   The first is called: “How to Grow your Community of Customers with Email Marketing”.

   The second is called: “How to get Make Money with an Email Opt-in List”


    These e-books will help you with the basics of email marketing, how to grow your list, and how you can greatly profit by having a responsive email list.


   The third is called “The Winning Mindset Formula – How to Achieve  Everything You Want in Life”,  and its supplement called “4 Tactics to Developing a Winning Mindset”. 


    This e-book will show you the formula for a winning mindset, and  how to change your subconscious mind to your advantage.


   These three e-books are yours – free, and to keep whether or not you continue your subscription.


   To subscribe please CLICK HERE.


   Please allow up to 2 business days for your first issue. You may unsubscribe at any time.



                                                         Distilled wisdom.


  All the information in your newsletters is distilled wisdom that will help you write successful communications, and help you stop making mistakes that are DESTROYING your response.


   It will also help you to become a highly successful marketer, advertiser, and copywriter, and to write advertising and marketing that gets ACTION, and to help grow your business, sales, and profits!


   And, most importantly, to help you deliver the results you need to achieve your goals.  


   You will be able to read them in minutes, and anything that you can use in your marketing, you can apply immediately.


Personal Help and Support.


   You will also have access to my exclusive and confidential, personal help and support to write selling and marketing that gets action, and to help you achieve the results you want and need.


   For more information, please go to the ‘Help and Support’ page on this website, or CLICK HERE


   Or, send an email to  and write ‘Help’ in the subject line, and I will reply with all the information you need. Please allow up to 24 hours for me to reply.



 Do you just do your best and hope for the best?


  Still here? Well please don’t go yet!


   Tell me, when it comes to marketing, do you just do your best and hope for the best?


   Or would you rather take the trouble, time, effort and expense to grow those marketing skills which are vital to the success of your business?


   Or maybe you would if you could, if someone would teach you without having to do some course at a college or university?


   Well you don’t have to, because that is what information I will give you will do.


   It will not make you a genius – you don’t need to be one although it would help!


   No, you just need to know enough to be ahead of your competition, and to attend to all those details which will help raise your response from, not much, to dazzling.


   And what will a dazzling response do for you?


   How will you feel when you have achieved all your goals, when you have enough cash to do whatever you want? To take back control of your life.


   I offer no guarantees – every situation is different. 


   BUT, I do know that applying this information to your copy will give you the best chance of achieving what you want.


   Take the initiative and take the responsibility for the response from your advertisements and marketing.


   Of course, you don’t have to if you don’t want to, but if you don’t, your competitor will, and you will get left even further behind.



    Subscribe to the daily newsletter, NOW


   It is only $37 per month. And your very small investment will be repaid many many times over when you have used the information to grow your business.  You will not be able to get through without it.


   Your subscription will continue until you cancel it, but if you receive the newsletters for only, say, 12 months, you will learn an awful lot about marketing and how to write top class advertising and marketing copy.


   Each day you will learn more about advertising and marketing and copywriting in general – all information to help you understand them better, and improve your results.


   May I suggest that you print the newsletters – they usually only a couple of pages – and keep them in a folder. By the end of the year you will have a mountain of information about successful marketing, and also the most successful business around!


   Even if you only apply just a little of the information you will get, you will make far more money than your small investment in your subscription.


   Subscribe now – your newsletters will usually start the next within the next 2 days.

    To subscribe, please CLICK HERE. (You may unsubscribe at any time.)

   Still, still here? I admire your patience and tenacity. Both are qualities a good marketer needs.


   Perhaps you are not convinced, or haven’t made up your mind. Thanks for sticking with me anyway, and please read on.



 A true story.


   Well let me tell you a story, a true story.


   This goes back to the 1950’s, to the time before anybody had flown faster than the speed of sound.


   Back then, flying faster than the speed of sound was thought to be impossible. That’s why it was called the sound barrier. Flying faster than sound is routine today, but back then it was a big deal. But the American Air Force thought it could be done, and they were going to be first.


   So they did the research, designed and built the plane that was going to do it. Then they needed someone to fly it.


   One of the best pilots in the air force at that time, was a fellow by name of Chuck Yeager – he was rather famous, you may have heard of him – and he was chosen to make the first supersonic flight.


   Now this flight was going to take place at an air force base called Muroc, now called Edwards, and at the time it was way out in the desert miles from anywhere.


   Well, one evening two days before the big event, Chuck and his wife, Glennis, went to have a few drinks to a little establishment near to this base where they lived.


   Now as well as a bar, it kept a few horses for customers to ride. Getting on towards midnight, Chuck thought it would be a good idea to go for a ride in the moonlight.


   So they saddled a couple of horses, and rode out through the gate into the desert beyond.


   As they were riding back at full gallop, Chuck found out too late that someone had closed the gate. He tried to jump the horse over the gate, but it hit the gate instead, with the result that Chuck went over the top, and landed on his side on the ground, and broke two of his ribs.


   If he had told his bosses, it would have got him cancelled off the flight, but with a bit of cunning to disguise his injury, he flew anyway, and became the first man to break the sound barrier.


   Why am I telling you this? What is the moral of this story?


   Well, while Chuck was the best there was at flying any sort of aircraft, he wasn’t gifted in all forms of locomotion: he couldn’t ride a horse as well as he could fly a plane!


   Now we did agree that you are very good at and passionate about what you do.


   And as a small business man or woman, you know you have to wear many hats, and when you have your marketer’s hat on, there are many parts to that as well.


   The problem is that while you are good at what you do, you might not be so good at marketing. Now that’s not a criticism, or a judgement. It’s not your fault. It is just a fact of life! Nobody is good at everything!


   You are busy, you have a limited budget, you cannot engage a marketing pro, and so on. So you have no option but to do your marketing yourself, and hope it works!


   Is that where you are at in your business right now? Excellent at what you do, but finding marketing and selling a problem?


Is that why your goals seem ever so far away?


   I suppose for most of us our goal is to have lots of cash, so we can have the things it will give us: freedom from debt, the house we want, the nice car, travel, life of luxury, freedom.


   I also suppose your ultimate goal is control over your life – your destiny


   Are you getting to your goal, or are you frustrated – feeling like you are banging your head on a wall? No fun?


   Why shouldn’t it be fun? It is when it works!


          “Oh, if ONLY I could get more results from all the money I’m spending on marketing!”

          “if ONLY I could somehow get my prospects to contact us.”

          “if ONLY I could somehow magically electrify my sales copy so my prospect is compelled to respond!”

          “if ONLY” I could get twice the response!


  Well all that, and hopefully more, is what will happen when you use all the information I will send you to create  advertising and marketing that gets action and results.


   Now as we have already agreed, marketing and selling are made up of a lot of parts, and one vital part, is the words you use.


    All the other parts might be spot on, but the truth is that the difference between success and catastrophe – the one thing that will set you on the rails straight into your prospect’s brain – might be as simple as the words you use and the way you use them.



Learn how to use the awesome power of words.


   You can, generally speaking, get anything you want when you learn the power of words.


    And that is what you will learn when you subscribe.


   You might think the price is a bit much. Well, I do not know what a new customer is worth to you, but if you were to get only ONE new customer each month for the next 12 months, or even only ONE customer in the next 12 months, customers that you would not have otherwise, wouldn’t it be worth it?


   Don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t waste another day.


   To subscribe to the newsletter, please CLICK HERE (You may unsubscribe at any time.)


   Not convinced, or you do not think it is worth that much to invest in your future prosperity?


   O.K. let’s do the sums.


   Your subscription to the daily newsletter, is only $37 each month, tax deductible.


   For $37, you will get 7 newsletters each week, which give you more detail about the information in the two reports, as well as more business building, advertising, marketing, selling, and copywriting information.


  You will receive at least 5 tips and suggestions each day  which will help you build your business, and set you up to create your own highly responsive ads, letters, website, or whatever, and help grow your business.


   Now, let’s say that each month has at least 30 days, so for around $1.23 per day, you will receive 5 or more tips and suggestions – less than 25 cents each! Where else will you get that sort of valuable information for only 25 cents?


   In the first month, you will have 150+ suggestions, and if you subscribe for only 12 months, you will have 1800+ suggestions. This is on top of all the valuable information in your two free reports.


   Do you reckon that if you adopt only one or perhaps two suggestions, they might pay the cost of your subscription?


   Look at it another way, how many customers would you need to get, customers that you WOULD NOT HAVE OTHERWISE, to cover this amount?


   One? Two? And don’t forget the lifetime value of a customer.


   So what are you waiting for?


   Is $37 a month too much?


   No problem. I am sorry I cannot help, but you will still be able to ask me for my help to guide you to creating great copy as I mentioned earlier.


    I mentioned on some of the other pages on this website about three e-books that are the best place to start your exiting journey to becoming an expert marketer and copywriter.


   The information in them will give you an instant start – kind of like an overnight boost – to writing selling and marketing communications that get ACTION.


    They are all full of tips and suggestions to help you write highly successful, responsive advertising and marketing, and are simple to understand and to put into practice.


   The first : “Fix these Mistakes and your Advertisements will Make you RICH!” For more information and to order your copy, please CLICK HERE.


   The other two are:

  • “How to Write an Advertisement that Sells Like Crazy”. For more information, please go to that page on this website or CLICK HERE.


  • “101 Tips for Successful Copy How to Write Copy that gets Results Without Spending a Fortune on a  Copywriter.  For more information about these two books, please go to that pages on this website, or CLICK HERE

   I will talk to you again in my first email.




P.S. Don’t forget you are covered by my 30 day money back guarantee, and that you can unsubscribe at any time.