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Paul’s Advertising and Marketing Newsletter

Turn your words into GOLD!

   This is Paul again, and this is about my 


Advertising and Marketing Newsletters.


   They will provide you with valuable information which will increase the cash in your bank account by showing you how to get maximum action and response from all your advertisements and other marketing communications – both new and existing.


    You will receive an issue via email each business day, and they are full of exiting advertising, marketing, and copywriting information and tips, all of which will teach you to write successful copy.


   All the information in your newsletters is distilled wisdom that will help you write successful communications and help you to stop making mistakes that are destroying your response and you business.


   It will also help you to become a highly successful marketer, advertiser, and copywriter, and to write advertising and marketing that gets ACTION, and to help grow your business, sales, and profits!


   And, most importantly, to help you deliver the results you need to achieve your goals.


     Your newsletters are a part of my new Turn Words into Gold formula. For more information about this formula, please go to the ‘About’ page on this website, or CLICK HERE.



                                      Learn something new each day.


   Each day you will learn something that will help you, and you will be able to use to build and grow your business.



   They are only brief – usually about a page. No great volume of stuff to wade through, but enough to give you something to think about for that day.  You will be able to read them in 5 minutes, and anything that you can use in your marketing, you can apply immediately. May I suggest you print them and file them for future reference.



   They will be in your inbox around 10 o’clock., and you can, of course, cancel or unsubscribe at any time.



          Unconditional guarantee –  enjoy it at no risk.


   Yes, that’s right. Subscribe now, and you will start receiving your newsletters within 2 days. Read them and use the information in your business. Then, if you are delighted with the information and it is helpful, your subscription will continue and you will be billed each month.


   But, if after 30 days,  you decide that all the information is of no value to you, and does not work for you, contact me, I will cancel your subscription, and send you a prompt and cheerful refund, and, you get to keep all the newsletters anyway, plus your e-books and bonuses.


   That way, the risk is on me, and you risk nothing.


   For full details of the Turn Words into Gold formula, including how to subscribe to this newsletter, please go to the  ‘About’  page on this website, or CLICK HERE.


   Or to subscribe to the newsletter now, please CLICK HERE.


   Your very small investment will be repaid many, many times over when you use the information to grow your business. You will not be able to get through without it!


   Your subscription will continue until you cancel it, but if you receive the newsletters for only, say, 12 months, you will learn an awful lot about marketing and how to write top class advertising and marketing copy.


   Each day you will learn more about advertising and marketing and copywriting in general – all information to help you understand them better, and improve your results.


   May I suggest that you print the newsletters  and keep them in a folder. By the end of the year you will have a mountain of information about successful marketing, and also the most successful business around!


   Even if you only apply just a little of the information you will get, you will make far more money than your small investment in your subscription.


   Subscribe now – your newsletters will usually start the next within the next 2 days. (You may unsubscribe at any time.)


    To subscribe, please CLICK HERE.


 Still here? I admire your patience and tenacity. Both are qualities a good marketer needs!


   Perhaps you are not convinced, or haven’t made up your mind. Or $97 a month too much?  Thanks for sticking with me anyway, and please read on.


   O.K. let’s do the sums.


   Your subscription to the newsletter, is only $97 each month, tax deductible.


   For $97, you will get 5 newsletters each week, which give you more detail about the information in the two reports, as well as more priceless  business building, advertising, marketing, selling, and copywriting information.


  You will receive at least 5 tips and suggestions each day which will help you build your business, and set you up to create your own highly responsive ads, letters, website, or whatever, and help grow your business.


   Now each month I you will receive at least 20 issues, that is, 100 +  tips and suggestions – less than one dollar each! Where else will you get that much valuable information for only 97 cents?


   In the first month, you will have 100+ suggestions, and if you subscribe for only 12 months, you will have 1200+ suggestions. This is on top of all the valuable information in all your e-books.


   Would you reckon that if you adopted only one or two suggestions each month, they would cover more than the amount of your subscription?


   Look at it another way, how many customers would you need to get, customers that you WOULD NOT HAVE OTHERWISE, to cover this amount?


   One? Two? And don’t forget the lifetime value of a customer.


   And please don’t forget that your subscription will include my Internet Marketing Newsletter, usually also $97 per month, but you will get it free.


   So what are you waiting for? To subscribe, CLICK HERE.


    Is $97 a month too much? That’s more than some people spend on coffee!


   No problem. If you cannot invest that amount into your business, then I am sorry I cannot help.


   But all the best anyway, and please don’t go without downloading this e-book. It is called:


          “How to Explode your Advertisements into Powerful Money-Makers, NOW!”


   This is a checklist that anybody can use to help them get a great response from their ads.


    Maybe there are some folks you know who have a burning desire for a better response from their marketing  –  please do them a favor and send it along with a brief note from yourself recommending it to them.  It will be just what they need, and they will really appreciate it.  


   It is not copyright, so it is perfectly legal, and someone may be glad of the opportunity to reverse their fortunes.


   It is free, no opt-in needed, and there is no risk or obligation.


 To download, please CLICK HERE.


  I will see you there.