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“How to Write an Advertisement that Sells Like Crazy”


Hi, this is Paul again.


   This e-book will help you to write advertisements that make you money, and get the results that you want and need for your business, or anything else you are promoting, even if you have never  written a successful ad before, or even if you have never written any ad before!


   It is not very long, it won’t take hours to read and understand. It is ‘no frills’ – no fancy graphics and no pretty pictures. It will inform you, and help you, not entertain you.


   This is part of the new Turn Words into Gold formula of writing advertisements and other marketing communications that get results.


   For full details of this new system, please go to the ‘About’ page on this website, or CLICK HERE.


   Or keep reading to find out more about how to write a successful ad.



What is your biggest challenge?


   Do you find,

         that getting enough RESPONSE and ACTION from your advertising – including your website  one of the biggest, or even THE biggest challenge you face in your business,

           that you feel frustrated,  


           and even impotent – because you don’t?


   Yes? Well your struggle is real, but take courage its not your fault! 


   Because nobody has ever told you how to!


   But that can change right now because you CAN write advertisements that DO get results, even if you have never written a successful ad before or even if you have never written any ad before!


   And it will be your words  – the dramatic impact of your words – that will do it.


   All businesses do some form of advertising. Maybe it is just your website, but you might run ads in print publications, distribute flyers. 


   Even your business card can be an advertisement!


   There isn’t anything quite as useless as an ad that doesn’t make it very clear what you are selling, and what action you want the reader to take.


   So whatever advertising you do, this booklet will help you write or compose advertisements that will bring you the action you want and need.


   And if you do not advertise at all, because the advertising you have done has not been successful, then this will be just what you are looking for!


3 things for a successful ad.


   A successful advertisement is one that:

          gets noticed;

          gets read;

           gets ACTION!


   That’s it – just 3 things – and they are the difference between success and failure. Get them and you are made; if don’t get them, you are sunk!


   What you will learn in this booklet is:

        how to get your ad NOTICED by your prospect amongst all the other messages that bombard him every day;

        how to get your prospect to READ all the way through so he knows exactly what is ‘in it for him’ and the how when where and why that what you do is better than anybody else, and then you will almost automatically

         get enough of your prospects to take the ACTION you want them to take to achieve the goal of the ad.


4 parts any advertisement must have.


   Now to achieve those 3 things, there are 4 main parts that any advertisement must have for it to produce results?


   I see many, many ads with only 3, or 2, or 1, or even none!!  You will learn what they are and how to use them in your ads.


  This e-book is only brief, but it is packed with information to help you write ads that SELL!  It isn’t some long book that takes hours to read and understand.


   It is a collection of hints or tips that will help you write ads that get the results you want and need. They won’t read as a narrative. You may notice a little repetition, but each one is complete in itself.


   Not every suggestion will apply to every ad you write, but when you apply the ones that do apply, you will have advertisements that outperform anything you have written before.


    So, if you don’t write your own ads because you are “not much good at it”, take heart.


   This information is for you if

              you write your own ads and want more action;

              you outsource your advertising; yes because there are lots of ‘experts’ out                             there who will write you a very nice ad, but are not very good at creating                             advertisements that get a good response and action.


   So whatever your program and strategy, you just have to have this information – you won’t get through without it. It will help you to write ads that WILL get action and results, and help you with the challenge of getting enough sales.


   The information in this report talks about print and online advertising, not about TV, radio, or video. But the same general rules apply whatever your medium, and you will find you can adapt it for your other forms of advertising.


   You will also be able to use it as a guide to creating a responsive website.


Successful copy checklist.


   This e-book is a companion to my other one called 

“101 Tips for Successful Copy: How to Write Copy 

for Maximum Results 

Without Spending a Fortune on a Copywriter”.


   This is new, it is something nobody has ever created or produced before: it is your very own successful copy checklist.


    It is 101 tips and suggestions, mostly in the form of questions that you can ask yourself when you are writing or reviewing any advertising and marketing copy, that will help you produce top level copy that will deliver a dazzling response.



   This e-book is also part of my new Turn Words into Gold formula for writing responsive ads and marketing.


   For more information about the ‘Tips’ booklet, please CLICK HERE.


  These two e-books, the ‘Ad’ and the ‘Tips’ e-books, are free when you subscribe to my Advertising and Marketing newsletter, which is also part of the Turn Words into Gold system.


   For full details about this new way to write your marketing, and to order your copies of these e-books, please go to the ‘About’ page on this website or CLICK HERE.


Not a magic wand!


    Now, I know I have told you that the information in my e-books will help you create advertising and marketing which will get you maximum results and money, but please understand it isn’t some magic wand that you can wave over your ads and they magically improve  themselves. No, you have to apply what I say. And, when you do, hey,  magic may happen!


   I will see you on the next page.  




P.S. A mistake may happen when you do something, but nothing – good or bad – will happen when you don’t!