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Turn your words into GOLD!



   Paul here again, and welcome to this page where I will tell you about my


Help and Support.


   I am available to personally help you to create great responsive ads and marketing. 


   I am assuming you have the e-books and the newsletters which are your introduction into the Turn Word into Gold way of writing responsive advertisements and other marketing copy, and that you are getting some great results?




   Now, maybe you would like a second opinion, or faster results, or less work, or an easier way, or expert help with your copy, or to have someone to make some suggestions for improvement.


   Or maybe you are having a problem with writing an ad or other piece of copy, or seem to be a little bit stuck, and would like some help.


   Or, perhaps now that you are taking up this opportunity to learn a new skill, you may like to have someone to guide you to make sure you get it right!


   Or maybe you are just desperate for better results!


A little help from a friend.


   Well, whichever way, you may value a little help from a friend! And that’s what I can do, and it starts with my feedback.


   If you would like my help, please send me an email to  expressing your interest, and put either ‘ Advertisement’ or ‘Copy’ in the subject line,  Please do not send me your ad or your copy with this email.


   I will send you an email back with a brief questionnaire to fill out and return with a copy of your work to be reviewed.    


   I will have a look at it, and give you my feedback:

  • if I think it is great as it is, and that I cannot suggest any improvements, I will tell you.
  • but if I think you could make some changes that will get you more action, and increase or even explode your response, so I will tell you.

   Then, if you would like my help to improve your response:

  • I will study your ad or copy in greater detail.
  • I will send you a message suggesting changes that you can make that I think will improve your results, and with more information and explanation about those suggestions to make them easier to understand and apply as you edit your copy.

   After you have finished editing your copy, you can send it back for another review if you wish. The most important thing is that you end up with successful, highly responsive copy, and I will work with you to get it.


   I do not usually rewrite or redesign ads or copy. I just make suggestions for you to apply as you further edit your work. This means you will learn how to write responsive copy better and will it greatly help you with future projects.


   Now this all will involve quite a bit of my time, so I can’t do it free. When I send you my initial assessment, I will tell you how much your total investment will be. 


   So if you would like my opinion, please me an email as detailed below. I will send you more information as well as a briefing form which will ask you a few questions to help me understand your situation, and for a copy and/or details of what it is you would like me to help you with.


   Send it back to me, and I will have a look at it and reply.


   Then if you are happy to proceed with my full assessment and advice, please confirm this on the form I will send you. I may ask you some more questions, and I will also ask you for a small deposit.


   Then, when I receive all this, I will do my assessment, and write your report. When it is ready, I will let you know, and ask for the balance of the amount.


   Then I will send you my report with my advice and suggestions.


   So if you are interested, please send me an email to and put either ‘Advertisement’ or ‘Copy’ in the subject line – whichever one you want help with – and include a brief message if you wish, as well as your name and where you are from.


   I will reply within 24 – 48 hours.


   I look forward to hearing from you.


   Best wishes,