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Paul’s Advertisement and Marketing News.

Turn your words into GOLD!

   Hello, this is Paul again.  Now I will tell you about my booklet called


“101 Tips for Successful Copy:

How to Write Copy for Maximum Results

Without Spending a Fortune on a Copywriter”


   The information in this booklet will help you to write marketing copy that will ride the rails straight into your prospect’s mind and heart and increase your results by 10%, 20%, 50%, or more, without having to spend lots of your cash hiring somebody to do it for you!


    It is not very long, won’t take hours to read and understand. ‘no frills’, no fancy graphics and no pretty pictures. It also will inform you, not entertain you!


   This is a companion e-book to my ‘How to Write an Advertisement’ e-book on the previous page.


   You may order either of these e-books by themselves for $9.95 each, OR both for just $17, and when you take action on what I tell you, well, you should get 1000 times return on your $17!  When you order both, I will also give you two free bonus e-books: 

              “How to Get More Prospects and Sales with Email Marketing.”  This will help you to build a strong and                                       engaged email list, and build your on-line community.

               “How to Upgrade your Communication Skills” – This will help you to communicate effectively and get just                                about anything you want.


   To order your copies and the bonuses right now,  please CLICK HERE.

   Or to order just the ‘Tips’ e-book by itself, please CLICK HERE.

   Or if you want to know more about how to write successful copy before you order, please read on.


  Now I will tell you about this new e-book, but first let me ask you:


Is your copy killing your sales?


    That is, do the words you use persuade your reader to respond, or do they turn him off?


   Do they create a positive response, or do they kill your response and your sales?


   The ‘words’ we will focus on in his report are the words you use on your website, or in your sales letter, or your brochure, or your advertisement, or your landing page, or your squeeze page, or your sign, or your business card.


   You communicate with your words,  and are what we call ‘copy’.  Your words, and way you use them can make or break your response.


   So, is your copy getting you a dazzling response?

         Is it getting action?

         Is it making you rich?

        Or is it sending you broke?


    Good, effective, clear, persuasive and responsive copy, will get you maximum response.


   If you are not getting the results you need it might be something as simple as the words you use and the way you use them!


Increase your results by 10%, 20%, 50%, or more!


   What difference would an increase in your results by 10%, 20%, 50%, or more make to your business or your life?


   Probably lots!


   Well, writing good copy isn’t easy, it does not come naturally, and it is not always obvious.


   But you can learn it.


   And that is the purpose of this report.


   It will show you how to write copy that will ride the rails straight into your prospect’s mind and heart so you do get the dazzling response you need.


   And it will show you how to do that without having to spend lots of your cash hiring somebody to do it for you!



                                                      Selling is persuasion.


   Marketing and selling is all about informing your prospect,  helping him or her make a choice, and persuading him or her to choose YOU.


   Persuasion means:

           that your prospect knows that you clearly understand his problem, and that you can solve it;

              that he understands that not only that you can solve it, but that no-one else can, or can do it better;

                he understands not only that your offer is BETTER than any other, it is better VALUE than any other;

                  you answer all his objections;

                     that you lead him to take action NOW.


   And THAT, my friend, is persuasion, and it will be your words that will do it. The pretty images, the fancy graphics will help, but they don’t persuade.


   If you are not getting the ACTION you want, it could be that the way you use your words could be running your train of communication clean off the rails!



   People respond to people. Your prospects respond to YOU.


    They respond to what you tell them on your website, or in your sales letter, or your brochure, or your advertisement, or your landing page, or your squeeze page, or your sign, or whatever!


   It is not that you do not need all these things, and need them done properly, but your prospect does not respond just because you have them!


    So, the words you use and the way you use them are critical. They are the ‘magic’ that will make your marketing fly.


   Get them right, and the response will dazzle you; get them wrong, they will be a handbrake on your success, your goals, your sales, your profits, your freedom!


   Do you make yourself clear? Do your prospects understand what you are talking about? Do they know exactly what you will do for them. Do you tell them what you want them to do?


   They won’t take action otherwise, and certainly not just because you want them to!! Or out of respect for your beautiful website!!



If you do not get your words right, none of the rest matters!


   Now that you understand all that I ask you again, is your copy killing your sales? Something wrong that you don’t know about that is stopping your prospects responding?


   Let me explain.


   I have no doubt that you are good at what you do – the very best in your market. And as a small business man or woman, you have to be good at lots of things apart from you product or service.


   And when it comes to marketing, there’s another lot of things to be good at as well. And the most important one – the most critical one – is the words you use.


   The problem most of us have is that we think we are equally good at everything. There is nothing wrong with that – we HAVE to be!


   We are busy, we have a limited budget, etc, etc, so we mostly have no option but to do everything ourselves, and when it comes to marketing, we do our best and hope for the best.


Ever feel a touch of panic?


  When you are writing your marketing communications, do you ever feel a touch of panic, or a dull feeling in the pit of your stomach, or a feeling of dread – is this going to work?


   You may let someone else do all that for you, but do you still feel the same?


   Because you know that all the work you have put in to create your product, service, support, infrastructure, and offer could count for nothing if your marketing fails?


   And then where will you be?


   Is that where you are at in your business right now? Excellent at what you do, but finding that doing all the marketing and getting the sales is not quite so easy? A real challenge in fact?


   I assume you are a direct response marketer – that is, you reach out to your prospect and ask him to respond or take some action, such as place an order, or ask for a quote or for more information.


   The way you reach out will include your sales letters, advertisements – on line and off line – brochures, flyers, signs, web site, landing pages, emails, and social media, business card, and whatever other means you use.



Your copy must be clear, powerful, convincing, and persuasive.


   To get the response you need, your copy must be clear, powerful, convincing, and persuasive.


   The problem is that there are lots of ways which you can, without realizing it, make mistakes which will hurt your response.


   So if your response is less than you would like or need, it may be your copy has some weakness, even some fatal weakness that you don’t know about, but which may be killing that response, and therefore your sales and profits, and will be stopping you reaching your goals.


   So what I want to do is to show you how to fix all those mistakes so your communications stay on the rails, and you get the action you need.


   When your business, your prosperity, your life, depends on the written word for results – and it does – please understand that the quickest, easiest, and by far the cheapest way to achieve maximum results is when your words and your message rides those rails straight to your prospect and results in action!


   So how do you get copy that gets action?


Copy Checklist


   Let me give you something that nobody else will: your very own successful copy checklist.


   It is called “101 Tips for Successful Copy”, and it will show you how to write great responsive copy without having to hire an expensive copywriter!


   It is a list of tips and suggestions, mostly in the form of questions that you can ask yourself when you are writing or reviewing copy, that will help you produce top level copy that will deliver a dazzling response.


   It is your very own do-it-yourself copy analysis guide! 


   Not every tip or suggestion will apply to every piece of your copy, but when you have a positive answer to each of the questions that do apply, you will have truly successful copy.


   And it will not be difficult!


   Successful copy will make you rich!! Bad copy will send you broke, and the really awful thing about that is that you may go bust without ever really knowing why!


   As I said, I have no doubt that what ever it is you are selling or promoting is excellent, and is the best there is.


   Why not have excellent marketing as well?


   How often have you seen an ad, or sales letter, and, if you have read it at all, you have said  “so what”, or something similar? Or, you haven’t any idea what it is all about? Or, it just doesn’t seem to make any sense?



Overcome the “so what” thing.


   Well, these tips will help you overcome the “so what” thing in your copy, and will help you to communicate clearly and directly, and help compel your serious prospect to respond. Generally, people are inclined to disbelieve what you say, and think ‘so what’ at everything you tell them. So when you write copy, put yourself in the shoes of your reader, and ask yourself ‘so what’ after each sentence or statement, and if you don’t come up with a good answer, rewrite it so you do, or scrap it. 


   Here are some examples of the tips you will find in your ebook:

        Tip #2: How to get your prospect to start reading;

        Tip #24: How to get your prospect to keep reading;

        Tip #50: The biggest mistake some advertising people make;

        Tip #20: The most important part of an advertisement;

        Tip #93: The second most important part of a letter;

        Tip #17: How to talk to your prospect;

        Tips #66 and 78: Keys to persuasion;

        Tip #86: The best way to get your prospect to respond.   


No need to write bad copy again.


   Now with your own checklist, you have no need to write bad copy again.


   I see all sorts of copy, and I know for certain that, in many cases, the simplest of changes, even if it is only a different font, will boost response, and it could be the same for you.


   There is no extra special magic to good copy; just don’t overlook the obvious, and pay careful attention to the small details.


   And that is what your checklist is for – to check all the details, because it is that attention which will inject that little extra magic into your marketing.


   So now, let me ask you again: if you could learn how to get your message to stay on the rails and ride straight into your prospect’s brain, engage him, and compel him to respond, would you be interested?


   And if that means your response goes up by 10% 20%, 50% or more, would you be interested?


   And if you could do that yourself without having to hire anybody, would you be interested?


    Yes? Well, you won’t be able to do it without this!


   You may have already seen on another page in this website, that this e-book is a companion publication to my other ebook: “How to Write an Advertisement that Sells Like Crazy” that focuses on writing advertisements that get action! There is some overlap because copy is copy, but the same rules apply.


   Both these e-book come together, and with your two bonuses mentioned at the top of this page all together come to just $17. To order them, please CLICK HERE.


   When you have downloaded them, may I again suggest that you print a copy so it will always be handy to refer to, and also makes it easier to underline the bits that apply especially to you.


  For  more information about the ‘How to Write an Ad’ e-book, please go to that page on this website, or CLICK HERE.



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   They are only brief –  1 to 2 pages, and are full of lots of exiting advertising, marketing, and copywriting information and tips, all of which will help you to write successful advertisements and marketing generally.


     I will tell you all about them in my email, or for more information right now, please go to the ‘Newsletter’ page on this website, or CLICK HERE.

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   I will see you on the next page.


P.S. Don’t forget that when you order the ‘101 Tips’ e-book, you will also get two free bonus e-books.