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Paul’s Advertisement and Marketing News

“Getting you the most from your marketing!”

“How to Write an Advertisement that Sells Like Crazy”


   Hello, this is Paul. 


   Are you making enough money from your advertisements and marketing?


   Would more customers, more sales, and more profits and more cash for your business, be your dream come true?


   Well, on this page, I will show you that you will do all those by using the awesome power of words to persuade your reader to take the action you want him or her to take.


   Yes, you can turn your words into GOLD!


   Interested? Good, but if you do not wish to read the rest of this page, just CLICK HERE for a summary of what this page is all about.

     It is a brief report called: “Is your Copy Killing your Sales?”, and at the end is a link for two free e-books that will start you on your exiting journey into the world of successful copywriting:

             “Fix these 3 Mistakes and  your Advertisements will make You RICH!”, and, 

              “Two Words that will Transform your Advertisements or other Marketing Copy into Powerful Selling Tools..”

   It is all free – no credit card required – and you will be under no obligation.


   So, grab your report by CLICKING HERE, or read on and get the links to the two e-books at the bottom of this page.


   So, do you: – want to make more money from your ads and marketing, but don’t know how to get it?

                        – feel like you are on the slippery slope to failure and don’t know why;

                        – and you just don’t really understand this whole advertising business properly anyway!                                                                                       

   And you think the whole thing is HOPELESS??  


    Well, the good news is that its NOT hopeless! Because, if low response is your problem, here is your solution: right now you – yes you – have a new opportunity to learn how to become a red hot copywriter!  


   “Copy” is the words you use in your ads and marketing, a “copywriter” is the person who writes those words, and the opportunity you have right now is to take back the control of your marketing, and to create or revise advertisements and other marketing that will persuade your prospects, and bring you maximum results, and therefore money.


   The ability to write advertisements and other marketing messages that SELL, is by far the most lethal money-making skill you can acquire, and the ability to write sales messages that bring in new customers is the rarest skill on earth.


   But you can learn it, and the secret is in the words you use – what you say and how you say it –  because THAT is what will persuade or motivate your prospect to take the action you want him or her to take. 


    Let me show you that it is possible to get the results you want and need for your business or anything else you are promoting, even if you have never written successful ads or marketing before, or even if you have never written any  ads or marketing before!


    More on that in a minute, but consider this: a successful advertisement or other marketing depends on the design, and more importantly, what you say and how you say it!


   That means that for a successful advertisement, you:

          1.  will have the design or the structure right, and then, 

          2. will use the awesome power of words to persuade your reader to do what you want him to do.


    And I would like to show you how to do that, and that a small investment of time and money in your business will result in a huge return of profits and success.


   Not convinced that your words and the way you use them will have a major impact on your results? That they will make or break your ad? Well, consider this: over 90% of the ads I see don’t get them  right, and, those ads could definitely, yes, absolutely be improved. And then so would the results!


   And if you are still not convinced, then tell me: if I could show you how to increase the response – the results – the action – the money – the cash  from your advertising and all your marketing by 10%, 20%, 50% or more, would you be interested? 


   Yes? Good. On this page and the rest of this website, I will show you that a small investment of time and money in your business will maximize your results, and result in a huge return of profits and success. I will also tell you about the resources I have to help you make it happen.   (For full details, please see the bottom of this page.)


How to win the battle for your customers.


    When you publish advertisements, or create a website or other written marketing materials, you are in a  battle for the minds and hearts of your prospects, and the way to win the battle is by getting the design right, and by using the awesome power of words to persuade your reader to do whatever you want him to do!


   Do these well, and your reader will respond and you win the battle; do them poorly and you lose! 


   You will win or lose in secondsI am sure you want to WIN, and win BIG! And to stop wasting your time and money on ads and other things that DON’T WORK.


   Tell me        are you disappointed with the results you are getting now?

                         yes, but don’t know how to improve them?

                         and you think it is all hopeless?


      Well don’t, because there IS hope!   Starting right now, you can learn something new, you can learn THE most vital of marketing skills – and that is responsive copywriting 


   I say ‘vital’, because it is your responsive copy – your words – that will bring you riches; they are vital to your response and success. And just as there is a ‘right way’ to use your words, so there is a ‘wrong way’, and, even though every other part of your offer and marketing is perfect, it will all be wasted when your copy is the wrong way.


   But, if you have been struggling – without success – to write advertisements and other marketing that gets results, it’s not your fault! It’s OK. Nobody has taught you, but you have the opportunity, now, to learn.


Good responsive copywriting will get you success.


    I have no doubt that you excel at what you do, your products, your service, and so on.  


   But the problem is you are not good at responsive copywriting and marketing, and that is the opportunity you have right now – to learn responsive copywriting.


    Good responsive copy is easy to understand, and easy to respond to, and creating it need not be difficult. The key is what you say and how you say it. Great results – even a dramatic turnaround in your business – might be yours by making some simple changes. Sometimes only a few words!


   So, if you could increase the response from your advertisements and marketing by 10%, 20%, 50% or more, are you still interested?


For success, start here.


   The path to success is to take massive determined action, and the place to start your exiting new journey into successful copywriting, to write great responsive ads and other copy,  to achieve greater prosperity and success, to make more money, and reach your goals, and achieve any dream you desire, is with the ways mentioned at the bottom of this page: e-books which you can download and use the information to make a immediate difference; my daily marketing newsletter; and my personal help and support.


   Meanwhile, let me show you



How copy affects your results.


   and that ‘copy’  – good or bad – will affect the  results of your advertisements and marketing.


   Do you know:  –  that it is your copy – your words –  and the ideas they convey that will get your readers to do                                                      what you want them to do?  

                               –  that writing that copy – copywriting – is THE most important skill in marketing?  

                                –  that copywriting is the driving force that makes marketing work? 


   You may have all the parts of your marketing, such as your strategies, your tactics, your SEO, your graphics, your social media, your advertising, your offer and all the rest, just perfect, but if you do not use the awesome power of  words to write compelling and persuasive copy that gets your readers to respond, all the rest is WASTED!


    Your ‘copy’ is the words you use to communicate with your readers.  It can be sharp, compelling and persuasive, or it can be dull, boring and lifeless. Or, of course, in between.


     Compelling and persuasive copy is alive! It will slice cleanly through the clutter and ride the rails straight to to your prospect’s mind, it will tell them what you can do for them and how you can help them, it will tell them clearly what they need to know, it will tell them exactly what you want them to do, and it will get them to DO IT!


   Dull copy is deadDull copy will mean no clicks or click throughs, high bounce rate, unread emails or brochures, and sales letters that get no response. It is like slicing bread with a blunt knife, or shaving with a blunt razor! Lots of effort and perhaps pain, and not very good results! 


   Words have value, they have meaning, they convey ideas, they are powerful. They inspire, exite, motivate, convince and persuade! It is your words and the ideas they convey that will get your readers to do whatever it is that you want them to do.


   So, if you are disappointed with the results you are getting now, or you would just like a better result anyway,  but don’t know how to get it, there is HOPE!  Because, starting right now, you can start to learn that most vital of marketing skills – copywriting. 


   And the success you deserve, may be as close as changing some of the words in your marketing!



Written communications  =  OPPORTUNITY.


   Your written communications can be some of your greatest opportunities, and the secret to maximum results and response from each of them is writing powerful and persuasive copy –  copy that uses the right words in the right place at the right time and that makes sure that every word works to get you the result you want. 


     Use the dramatic power of your words to write copy that rides the rails straight into your prospects mind and heart so they automatically respond and take the action you want them to take.


   So if I have persuaded you that you can, and want to  make a difference to your ads and marketing, go to the bottom of this page and download those e-books now – you could be using the information within minutes to improve the response from your marketing. In those e-books there are links to more e-books which will teach your much more.


   Then, subscribe to the daily newsletters, and you will learn more about successful copywriting each business day.


   Otherwise, please read on.


Achieving your goals.


    The reason for being in business is to achieve your goals, and the way to do that is with your selling and marketing, and the response and action you get is a direct result of how well you communicate with your readers. So, 


   “If your marketing is the rocket that will get you your goals – it will be

your copywriting that will light the fuse!”


    You see, when a prospect clicks on your website, or reads your advertisement or brochure or whatever, that is an opportunity. An opportunity to tell him how you can help, how you can solve his problems.


    Words are powerful, and it is your words – that is, what you actually say – that will give your prospects and customers the clarity, confidence and motivation to take the action you want them to take. 


    BUT, if your words do not do that, they will leave your website, or stop reading your emails or sales letter. TOO LATE! Opportunity wasted.


    All the pretty graphics are all well and good, but nothing beats the dramatic power of your words when you use them properlyGet them right, the response will dazzle you; get them wrong and they will kill your response. Get them right, they will make you rich; get them wrong, they will send you broke!   


   Hey, one other thing: getting them right will also have the magical effect of transferring cash from your customer’s wallet into yours!!


       Now you may think that anybody knows that, but really, it is the words you use and the way you use them that is critical, and while it may seem obvious, not everybody knows how to use words properly! 


   Do you? Well if you don’t, and you want to learn, I will show you, starting  with the two e-books mentioned below, and with more e-books which I will tell you about, and then with my newsletters, as well as my help and support.


   Now just to show you what I mean by words making a difference, the first two words you were taught were probably ‘please’ and ‘thankyou’! Try going without saying either for a while and see how you get on!


    Now, look at these two statements:

             Parking Access Restricted.

             Please do not Park Here.

   They both say the same thing, but which one would you be most likely to instantly understand, and respond to? 


   Or these two signs you see on the side of the road:

             Reduce Speed.

             Slow Down.

   Again, which one would you react to the quickest?


   Or this sign at a gas bottle store:


                       BOTTLES ARE STORED 

                   IN AN UPRIGHT POSITION.”

             Wouldn’t: “Please stand the bottles upright”, get an instant understanding and reaction?


    This are very simple illustrations to show you that the words you use, and the way you use them will make a difference to the way your readers and prospects respond.


    Your words DO matter, and the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to get maximum response and action and therefore the most money from all your marketing is with compelling copy – getting your words and emotions right, and the difference between your prosperity and poverty might be as simple as getting a few words right in the right place at the right time!


The most important part of your ad.


   So first, you must ATTRACT your prospect, and give him a reason to visit or read. Nobody visits your website just because it is there, or because it shows up in search results, whether you are number 1 or 101!  Same with your ads, or brochures, or anything else – nobody reads them just because they exist! 


   So the most important part of your ad is the bit that attracts your prospect, which is the headline.  Same idea for everything else;  in search results, it is the lines of text under your URL that  will do it. 


   No attraction, no visitors, no readers!


   Now, when you do have your prospect’s attention, it is the words you use – ‘what you say, and how you say it’  –  that matters.


How to get an automatic response.


   Now, here are some points to consider: they apply in particular to your website, but they also apply to all your marketing – your advertisements, sales letters, brochures, etc:

  • you draw him in;
  • you make him feel comfortable and good about himself, and put him in a positive state;
  • you clearly explain your business, and what you are offering, that you can help him achieve his goals, or supply what he needs, and that you can do it better than anybody else;
  • you clearly explain that you will give him better VALUE than anybody else;
  • you give him a strong call to action;
  • and most important, you tell him exactly what you want him to do.

   Then,  he will respond – AUTOMATICALLY!  You force him to, he has no option!


   BUT, if you do not get your words right, you do not explain things clearly so he is NOT comfortable, and he does NOT understand that you can help him,  and he does not know how to respond, all because you have not told him properly, the fear of the unknown kicks in and he will leave. TOO LATE! Opportunity wasted.


   Getting a good ranking on any search engine is great, and it has likely cost you a lot of time and effort, and, probably, money. Same with writing a sales letter, or an advertisement, or producing a brochure.


   But it is only PART the battle – getting high and quality response is the next part, and it what you say that will have the greatest impact!


   Now getting your words right is something you can learn to do yourself, starting with the e-books which you can download with the links below.


   And if you can’t do it, or don’t have time, or whatever, and you want help, even if only a second opinion, I can help you. Please see details at the bottom of this page.


   So please don’t spare any effort, because if you get no response, or only little response, or less than you need, you are doing yourself a disservice –  you are just wasting your opportunities, and this applies to ALL of your marketing.


   Now, maybe you are happy with the response you are getting. Good. But if you are NOT, and if I could show you how to improve it, would you be interested?

    That is my mission –  to provide you with valuable information which will increase the cash in your bank account by getting maximum ACTION and RESPONSE from your website, advertising and other marketing communications – both new and existing.


   I know we are in especially difficult times at the moment with Covid-19, but this information is more necessary than it has ever been so you can take advantage of EVERY opportunity that comes your way.


   Do not let up.  “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts”.


   When you can write compelling copy, you have the power and strength to take control of you own future, and not to let these times hold you back.


   I am offering you resources so you can maximize your response without costing you much more than your time. However, if you want help, it is available.



How to stack the odds in your favor.


   So, pluck up the courage to CONTINUE, and let me show you how to stack the odds in your favor. Scroll down this page and, if you haven’t already, get those e-books and subscribe to the newsletters.



   Still here? OK,  tell me, what challenges are you having in your business right now?


           Are you having a daily struggle for more leads and sales?


           Are you working harder with less results?


           Are you finding the competition stiffer?


           Are you not getting enough free time or enough family time?


           Do you feel you are on a slippery slope to failure?


                            And you don’t know WHY?


   Maybe it feels a bit like you have lost control over your business and your life, and you feel powerless to change it?


   Well, would it help if you had

  • more action,
  • more response,
  • and more results, and therefore make more money  from your website and ALL your other marketing?


   Would that help? Would it make a difference?


   You might say: “Yes – but I don’t know how to get it!! It just seems just so hopeless”!!!


   Well, please take heart – there definitely is hope.



How to take back power and control.


   You can, you CAN, take back the power and control. You have the opportunity to learn a whole new skill, to learn how to create marketing and selling communications that really do get the action you need.


   Yes! You have right now in your hand, the potential to really transform your business.



  • by learning the principles of persuasion;
  • by learning how to ride the rails straight to your prospect’s mind and heart so you do indeed get the action and the dazzling response you need from your advertising and marketing communications.
  • by learning how to create powerful direct response copy that is so simple, clear, and persuasive that your reader will respond almost automatically, and so you get you the leads, customers, sales and profits you need.
  • and by learning how to overcome the fear of the unknown that subconsciously stops your prospects taking the action you want them to take.


   Would that make a difference? Are you interested?? Do you want to find out how?


   If I could show you how to sharpen up your copy and increase your response by 10%, 20%, 50%, 100% or more, would you be interested? Yes of course you are, and you absolutely, vitally, perhaps desperately need the information I am about to give you.


   Yes? Well, I can help in 5 ways:


    First, 2 free e-books:   “Fix These 3 Mistakes and your Advertisements will make you Rich!” – shows you the three                                                       main  disaster areas that are fatal to any advertisement, and how to fix them.  At least 90%                                                      the ads I see make one or even all three of these mistakes, and I am certain that if you are                                                         making any of them, when you correct them, the extra response will dazzle you. 

                                                “Two Words that will Transform your Advertisements or other Marketing Copy into                                                                    Powerful  Selling Tools.”   – Two words to ask yourself after every sentence or everything                                                           you  write!


    To order your copies, please CLICK HERE.


Second, these two e-books: “How to Write an Advertisement that Sells like Crazy”  – this will give you a lot                                                                               more detail  than the ‘Mistakes’ e-book, and will help you to write advertisements that                                                               will make you money, and get you the results you want and need for your business or                                                                 anything else you are promoting, even if you have never written a successful ad before,                                                             or even if you have never written any ad before.

    and,                                      “101 Tips for Successful Copy: How to Write Copy for Maximum Results Without Spending                                                     a Fortune on a Copywriter” – this will help you to write marketing copy that will ride the                                                         rails straight into your prospect’s mind and heart and increase your results and                                                                           ACTION, without having to spend loads of your cash for somebody to do it for you.


     These two are $9.95 each or both for just $17, (which I will refund when you subscribe to my newsletter – see below).  $17, plus some of your time, equals value that can’t be measured! The return on this small investment in your business and in yourself will be incalculable.


      These e-books are not very long, they won’t take hours to read and understand, and the information you can                use immediately.  They are ‘no frills’ – no fancy graphics and no pretty pictures; just solid information that                        will help you make more money from all your marketing. They will inform you and help you – they will not                          entertain you.


                   When you order these two e-books together,  I will also give you two free bonus e-books, worth $4.95 each:

                   “How to Get More Prospects and Sales with Email Marketing.”  This will help you to build a strong and                            engaged email list, and build your on-line community.

                   “How to Upgrade your Communication Skills” – This will help you to communicate effectively and get just                      about anything you want.


                     To order your copies of both the e-books, and your bonuses right now, please CLICK HERE.

                     Or, to find out more about the ‘Ad’ report, please CLICK HERE.

                     And to find out more about the ‘Tips’ report, please CLICK HERE.


    Third,    join my community by subscribing to my premium advertising and marketing newsletter. This comes to                             you by email each day, and is full of interesting information about advertising, marketing and                                                 copywriting, all of which will help you to become a more successful marketer. For more information, and                            to subscribe, please CLICK HERE.


    Fourth,       are you desperate for results and need help?? Maybe not. Maybe in-between. Doesn’t matter, I can help.                              You don’t have to do this by yourself!  It starts with my free feedback on your ads or marketing copy.                                  Then, if you wish, I will make some suggestions to help you create or revise your work so it gets the                                       ACTION and results and money you want and need for your success and prosperity. For more                                               information, please CLICK HERE. 


    Or, send an email to  and write ‘Help and Support’ in the subject line, and I will reply with all the information you need. Please allow up to 24 hours for me to reply.


 Fifth,     my e-book store, where you may select one or more of my e-books which are all about getting a greater                                response from all your marketing, and also about business in general. To go there, please CLICK HERE.


   I will see you on the next page.




P.S.  Take action right now – nothing good comes from doing nothing!